Call us. E-mail us. Message us. You can even try skywriting us. One thing you’ll find whenever you call Global Imaging, is that we’re one highly responsive group. And as eager as we are to answer your call, we’re even more enthused about answering the call when you ask us to work on your project.

PHONE: 905.564.5977
FAX: 905.624.9897
210 Brunel Road, Unit 6 – 8
Mississauga, ON L4Z 1T5


Name: Ben Lyons
Graphic Design & Production
Ext. 101
Cell: 416.565.7101


Name: Gerald Maister
Administration, Sales & Marketing
Ext. 103
Cell: 416.616.1460

Name: Corwin Steeves
Business Development Manager
Ext. 106
Cell: 416.268.7231


Name: Mark Simpson
Sales Manager
Ext. 110
Cell: 416.508.2364


Name: Scott Saunders
Printing and Colour Management
Ext: 104
Cell: 416.618.9245

Name: John Heiser
Facility Manager
Ext. 112
Cell: 647.537.9130


Name: Connie Valladolid
Office Manager and Accounting
Ext. 105